Major Benefits for the Borrower


      • Borrowers are not personally liable for the loan. Borrowers are also not personally guaranteeing the loan, and are not required to disclose the loan to third parties, maintaining privacy.
      • Our loans free up cash for time-sensitive opportunities and eventualities, without losing borrower’s appreciating, income generating assets.
      • Borrowers maintain a clean, liquid balance sheet, making the borrower more attractive when pursuing other financial opportunities. Borrower’s credit is not affected.
      • Lender has no recourse against the borrower there is zero liability if the lender sustains a total loss on the borrower’s loan. The lender assumes all risks. Any losses from a sudden collapse in the price of the securities pledged for the borrower’s loan are the lenders loss.
      • Borrowers with a non-recourse loan, borrower’s can walk away from the loan at any time, even the day after the loan is funded, and are not liable for any future interest payments or principle repayment. The lender can only seize the securities pledged for the loan, and no other personal assets. This is safer than a recourse bank loan or a margin loan.
      • Borrower’s personal credit, financials, income, tax returns do not come into consideration with our non-recourse loans.
      • To obtain a term sheet, we must first acquire the following information:
          1. The Borrower’s FIRST and LAST names;
          2. The Borrower’s Email Address;
          3. The Borrower’s Contact/ Phone number:
          4. The number of shares be made available for the pledging of shares;
          5. The Preferred Loan amount;
          6. The Shares’ Stock Symbol, and Residing Exchange; and
          7. The Reason/ Purpose for the loan.
          8. CDS or Shareholding Statement
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